Frequently Asked Questions

I need help writing my book!

Great! That's our core business. We're a friendly bunch and our membership ranges from enthusiastic amateurs to published authors, seasoned editors, and everything in between. Our regular meeting writing groups cater for a range of writing genres, and each group seems to attract different personalities and take different approaches in their meetings. Meetings might be activity-based, workshop-based, critique-based, or a mixture of all three. Everyone is welcome to attend, regardless of skill level. Writing can be a lonely hobby, so why not come down and introduce yourself to some like-minded individuals, have some fun writing, and get better at your craft while you're at it?

I've just finished writing my book and I want to get published, can you help?

There's a lot more to getting published than simply writing a book and sending it away. Our first recommendation is that you come and join one of our regular meeting writing groups. Introduce yourself, get to know the group, and then start asking your questions. Several of our members are published authors that may be able to give you the advice you need, or else they may be able to point you in the right direction, or even hold a workshop on whatever obstacle may be holding you back. If you're convinced you're past that point and just need to deal with a publisher, while the TWPC have published books and will again, we are not a publishing house and are not set up to operate as contract publishers. Our next recommendation is to direct you to this website, where you might find further helpful advice:

I've written something! Can you read it and tell me what you think?

First, congratulations! But no we can't, sorry. As much as we might like to, we're volunteers, and we simply don't have the time. But someone in one of our regular meeting writing groups might, so why not join one? No one will want to read your work if you're shoving it in their faces, but if you come down and introduce yourself, attend a few meetings, you might meet some like-minded individuals who might be happy to help. If you're convinced you're past that point, you might want to go and find yourself some alpha or beta readers, or an editor. That's a paid profession, and unfortunately not a service that we provide. We are not affiliated with any accredited editors at this stage, so the best we can do is direct you here:

I've got this really great idea and I just need someone to write it for me. I'm happy to pay.

What you're looking for is a "ghost writer," which is a very specific profession and unfortunately not a service that we provide. We are not affiliated with any ghost writers at this stage, and they're a little more elusive than editors or freelance writers, so you're going to have to try your luck on Google if you're serious about it.

I have this terrific "opportunity" for you!

If it's an actual opportunity for us or our members - we do periodically receive requests from a variety of universities or other organisations to help out with research writing, community events or projects, collaboration, etc., then please get in touch with us. You can find contact links at the bottom of every page.

If your "opportunity" involves something along the lines of asking us to write or edit something for you "for the exposure," or similar, thanks but no thanks. Although most of us write for fun, it can be a time-consuming and often thankless task, which is why writing and editing are both professional services that come with fees. Maybe what you're really looking for is a freelancer? In that case, you're either going to have to try your luck on Google, or else you're welcome to attend one of our regular meeting writing groups to introduce yourself and try your luck.

If your question isn't here

Feel free to get in contact with us! You can find contact links at the bottom of every page.