Writing Groups

Meets 6-8pm at the Aitkenvale Library on the first Tuesday night of every month.

Popular Fiction

Publishers love commercial fiction; it’s what hits the bestseller lists, it’s what everyone’s talking about. And it covers many different genres: romance, crime, mystery, thriller, and subsequent subgenres. This devoted group engages in workshops of craft that can be applied to writers of all genres, such as writing engaging first pages, building tension, and character development.

There will be something in this group for every romantic with a pen in their hand and every writer with death and daggers in their heart and soul. ​​

Popular Fiction is facilitated by romance and fiction writer Rachel Armstrong.

Meets 7-9pm at the Aitkenvale Library

on the fourth Tuesday night of every month.

Kids' Lit.

Townsville has a lot of hidden children’s writers and Kids Lit encourages any children's writers of all levels to get together and share their experiences and learn from each other. Some members are published writers, some are writing stories for their grandchildren, some want to be published some are happy not to go down that track.

Each meeting has a specific topic that applies to children's books, but also to writers of other genres, so don't count this group out.

Kids Lit is facilitated by children's writer and illustrator Matt B Lewis.

Meets at the Aitkenvale Library

Quarterly: Dates TBA


Scriptwriters is the perfect group who love to write fiction, but rather in novel format, wish to write for stage or screen! And if you wish to adapt your novel into a screenplay, then this is the group that will help you do it.

Scriptwriters intends to explore the aspects of writing that are specific to all genres and types, such as characterisation, setting, dialogue and world building and therefore is suitable to writers of all fiction.

Scriptwriters is co-facilitated by scriptwriter and filmmaker Will Walquist at Revolution Productions and Mark Enders, who runs Townsville Classic Films.