Membership $40 for 2023!

For this you get to attend all five of our writing groups, 

that's potentially seven meetings a month!

where you can:

learn new skills, connect with other writers, and relax in a friendly supportive environment

  If you would like to join, please contact the secretary:

Email at 

PO Box 4323, Kirwan 4817 

and I will send you out a membership form.

Not a Member = $0

May visit two group meetings as a "try before you buy" experience.

Can access most competitions, events & workshops at full price.

Full Member = $40

Attend as many group meetings with as many groups as you like.  Go to all of them if you want to! That's potentially 7 meetings a month!

Benefits include:

Access to all events, competitions, the Human Writes newsletter, and discounted workshops.

Access to exclusive member-only events, such as Secret Rendezvous, the Writers' Retreat, the Christmas Party and other social events.


Price on Application

If you're a not-for-profit organisation, where do my fees go?

Excellent question.  Some of the fees go to pay our overhead costs - we keep them as low as possible but can't escape them altogether (insurance!).  All of our staff members are volunteers so any additional funding goes back into the organisation.  In reality, this means paying for things like airfares, accommodation, and presenter fees so that we can bring the best talent to Townsville so we can deliver it to you, the local writing community.